Vape Pen Mod Starter Kits

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Vape Pen Mod Starter Kits

Vape Pen Mod Starter Kit

Vaping is being used more and more as an effective method to quit the nasty cigarette smoking habit but some people are still hesitant about buying electronic cigarettes. Many of those opponents think that the e-cigarettes are too good to be true and, consequently, must not work. Nevertheless, these pen-style vaporizers are gaining major popularity because of their portability, the appeal to both men and women, ease of use, and their ability to quickly produce vapor. However, the biggest selling point of e-cigarettes are that they can be smoked anywhere; even in public places.

Many beginners to the vaping community start off with one of the cheap gas station e-cigarette brands. Unfortunately, this type of e-cig leave many wanting something different. If you want more from your e-cigarette, you should consider purchasing an vape pen mod.

A vape pen mod is an electronic cigarette but it doesn't look anything like one; they are usually box or tube shaped and their performance beats the traditional type every time. 

Small e-cigarettes are usually compact but their battery life is not sustained for long. As a matter of fact, it is a rare occurrence for one to last for longer than two days. Parallelly, a vapen pen mod's battery life will last at least two days and it produce more vapor than the standard e-cigarette. If you are not addicted to the feel of having a cigarette between your fingers, then you should consider purchasing a vape pen mod starter kit.

If you have done your research on electronic cigarettes, more than like you have come across references to vape pen mods. 

This refers to a modification of different items like flashlights and metal tubes to create a whole new type of electronic cigarette. These modified e-cigs were designed to improve the performance of their vape pens and gives the user a longer battery life and increased vapor production. Some mods even have the ability to reduce or increase their voltages so that the device is able to perform at its very best level.

Vaping, short for vaporization, is quite different from normal smoking. The process of smoking a regular cigarette relies on combustion which creates carcinogenic substances when burned. Tar, for example, is one of the substances created and it can be quite damaging to your health; maybe even leading to cancer. Vaping, meanwhile, is being touted as a way to get all the benefits of cigarettes without getting exposed to all of the potential, and very deadly, health risks.

Vape pen mods are available in a variety of options that are capable of producing massive amounts of vapor. 

The amount of vapor the vape pens generate easily surpasses that of the typical electronic cigarette. This, along with a longer battery life, make these vape mods more attractive to heavy smokers.

The vape mod starter kits come with a cartomizer, a tankomizer, a clearomizer, or an atomizer on the battery. Most of these personal vaporizers are of variable voltage. In other words, the output of their power sources can be adjusted to provide the best temperature for any particular flavor. The usual voltage range lies somewhere between 0.1-6.0 volts. The higher the voltage, the higher the output of the battery. This directly affects the temperature of the heating element, dependent of the resistance rating that the cartomizer has.

The main benefit of a vape pen mod is the power output control and the prolonged battery life.  

Vape Pen Mod - Atomizer Head

Most of them will allow the user to adjust the voltage output going to the heating element, see the resistance of the element coil and check battery levels. Additionally, many cartomizers that are on the market come in different resistances like low resistance (LR) or high resistance (HR). The lower the resistance, the higher the temperature of the e-liquid will be. For example, a HR cartomizer will burn colderer at 3.0 volts than a LR cartomizer at the same voltage.This resistance allows the user to find the perfect blend of heat and voltage for any e-liquid flavor.

If you were not satisfied with your electronic cigarette and want to get deeper into the world of vaping, then you should consider purchasing a vape pen mod starter kit for the basic equipment needed to get you started on your vaping journey.

Variable Voltage Mods and Variable Wattage Mods Difference

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So what is the big difference between Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage

You may have heard about variable voltage mods and variable wattage mods, and you may be a little confused on what the differences are, between the two. They are similar, in that you can get a better vaping experience than a typical vape pen, but they differ in how they achieve that goal. As you become more experienced with vape mods, you start to pick out the little things you like in your gear. You start paying attention to what produces good experience, whether it be a hot /cooler vape, the particular flavor of your ejuice, the amount of vapor produced, or the heat at which your atomizer gets.

Variable Voltage Vape Mods Vs. Variable Wattage Vape Mods

What's all the fuss about?

Voltage & Ohms = Wattage

As most know, the quality of your hardware, and especially your ejuice, mandates the quality of your vaping experience. What you may not be aware of is that the temperature of your heating coil (atomizer) also affects your experience. The temperature at which your heating coil, or your atomizer gets can give you a great tasting vapor, or it can give you a badly burnt taste if set way too high.

What controls the temperature of your coil? Ultimately the wattage that your device outputs controls the temperature because wattage is basically power. The more power your mod or vape pen outputs, the more heat you will get to the coil.

So what controls wattage, you may ask? Basically, the voltage that your battery outputs and the Ohms of your clearomizer will determine the amount of wattage (heat/power) to the coils. You can control the wattage by altering the resistance (changing clearomizers), changing the voltage (variable voltage mods), or changing the wattage (variable wattage mods).

Whats the word on the street?

Why is variable wattage considered better then variable voltage?

You may have heard people say that variable wattage is much better than variable voltage. So why is variable wattage considered the better choice compared to variable voltage then? Well the truth is, they are exactly the same, in terms of the quality of your vaping experience. They give you the same quality of vapor once you have it dialed in to the correct voltage (variable voltage) or wattage. The only difference is that variable wattage will be easier on you in the long run, because once you set it the first time, you should be able to “set it and forget it” no matter what resistance your clearomizer is.

Ohms Law & Watts Law – The Science behind Variable Voltage & Variable Wattage Mods

To understand more about how variable voltage mods and variable wattage mods differ, we must get a little background knowledge on Ohms and Watts Law. Ohms Law deals with the relationship between current, resistance and voltage, whereas Watts Law deals with the relationship between power (watts), voltage, current and resistance. The equations are as follows:

The equation for wattage (power) is W = VI and the equation for voltage is V= IR, where W= Watts, V= volts, I = current, and R = resistance. To see that a little more visually, it is:

  • Watts = Volts*Current
  • Volts = Current*Resistance

Okay Mr. Science Guy, what does this mean?

When you change your resistance, you will change your wattage.

It basically means that when you change your resistance (say you get a new clearomizer) or when you change your voltage (say you have a variable voltage device) it will change the wattage. Since wattage is power, it changes how hot your coils get. Since the wattage is ultimately the amount of heat, and heat affects the quality of your vapor, changing the resistance or changing the voltage will indirectly change the wattage and therefor the quality of your vaping experience. On a variable Wattage device, you are changing the watts itself, which intern changes the voltage automatically.

Variable Voltage Mod Example

Variable Voltage Vape Pen Mods

To understand variable voltage mods a little better, let’s use a hypothetical example. Let’s say you have a variable voltage mod, some of your favorite strawberry ejuice, and a 1.0-ohm resistance clearomizer.

So you get your variable voltage vape mod, fill your tank with ejuice and vape away. Say you start vaping with the voltage pretty high and it gives you a burnt tasting vape. Then say you turn it down really low and it gives you a not so perfect flavor. Then you dial it in right in the middle and it gives you the best tasting strawberry flavored vape you have ever tasted. You just went through Goldilocks and the three vapes to find your perfect voltage. You used trial and error to find your perfect vaping voltage. Lets say for this example, that perfect voltage was 3.2 Volts.

So you know your sweet spot, in terms of voltage. But remember that wattage is the power at which your mod vapes? Wattage is what controls how hot your coils get, not necessarily the voltage (because it interacts with ohms to get a certain wattage). So to find out what wattage your variable voltage vape mod is actually vaping at, when dialed into 3.2 volts, you would have to do the math and enter those numbers into the equations to find the wattage. Alternatively you could use a simple Ohms Law calculator like this one: ohms Law

If we put the numbers in that calculator (3.2 volts, 1.0-Ohms for the clearomizer), we see that the wattage, or power is 10.24 watts. So you now know that your mod and that particular strawberry ejuice has a sweet spot at around 10 watts, where you get the perfect vape. In this case, since you’re clearomizer is 1.0 ohms, the resistance is constant, so as long as you keep the same clearomizer, you can keep vaping at 3.2 volts and be perfectly happy (however resistance can change if your clearomizer gets old).

But what happens when you get a new clearomizer, and this time it is a 2.0-ohm clearomizer? Are you going to be happy vaping at 3.2 volts still? No, because the change in ohms, even though you keep the 3.2 volts the same, will change the wattage (see the eqations above).

Now if we input these new numbers into the Ohms calculator (3.2 volts, 2.0-Ohms), we now see that your device is vaping at 5.12 watts. You may notice that it is not heating it up enough, because 5.12 watts is underpowered compared to what you normally like to vape at (10.24 watts in this example).

Now, you are going to have to dial your variable voltage and play the whole goldilocks game again, to see if trial and error will give you the perfect vape again, all because you got a new clearomizer. You find that, from trial and error, 4.5 volts will now offer a great vape with your beloved strawberry ejuice. If we input that into the calculator, with the 2.0-ohms, we see that it gives you 10.125 volts. So in essence because your clearomizer went down an ohm, you have to manually adjust the voltage up to get the same 10 watts that you like to vape at.

So as you can see, using a variable voltage Vape Starter Kit takes longer because you either have to enter the ohms of your clearomizer and the preferred vaping wattage into a calculator, or do the math yourself. This is why the variable voltage is considered a “manual” vaporizer as opposed to an “automatic” vaporizer, if you will. After initially finding your preferred wattage to vape at, you have to manually figure out what voltage you should be vaping at to reach that desirable wattage. You do this either by doing the math or by trial and error.

Variable Wattage Mods Example

Variable Wattage Vape Pen Mods

Consider the same example in terms of your clearomizer. Say you have a variable wattage mod device with the same 1.0-ohm resistance clearormizer as the above example. In this case, with a variable wattage device, you still have to use trial and error the first time, to find the sweet spot for your vaping needs. You may go up or down until you hit the spot where it’s not burnt or not lacking taste, until you get the perfect vape.

A variable wattage mod actually has an ohm meter built right in and will tell you what the ohms of your clearomizer are. You don’t change the voltage, instead you change the wattage; you change the most important aspect, with a variable wattage device, because like I said before that is what translates into heating temperature of your coil. The way it works is, you dial in a preferred wattage, then it will look at the ohms of your clearomizer and automatically changes the voltage for you, to give you your desired wattage.

So, say you find the sweet spot of around 10 watts again, and the vape tastes great. You continually vape at 10 watts dialed in and you are happy with that. But now say that you got a brand-new clearomizer with 2.0ohms resistance just like your new clearomizer in the example above. Remember your wattage was dialed in at 10W and it was perfect at 10. Now when you put your new clearomizer with 2.0 ohms resistance what’s going to happen? Are you going to have to dial the wattage up or down to find that sweet spot again like you had to do in the variable voltage? No because it takes into account the resistance of your clearomizer and it will automatically adjust the voltage for you, to give you 10 wattage every single time.

This is why people refer to variable wattage as automatic “set it and forget” mods. If you know you like to vape at 10 watts with your favorite strawberry juice, you won’t have to use trial and error or mathematical equations every time you get a new clearomizer with different ohms. All you need to do is dial-in 10 watts and your variable wattage mod will take care of figuring out the voltage for you.

Variable wattage or Variable Voltage?

Who's the winner?

Variable Voltage Vape Mods or Variable Wattage Vape Mods?

You decide the winner on how you define what the better device is. What device will give you a better vape? Neither one. They will both give you the exact same vaporizing experience as long as you have the settings dialed in correctly.

If you consider the winner based on convenience, variable wattage wins by a long shot. A variable wattage mod is going to be much more efficient and easier to use in the long run, especially if you switch ejuice and clearomizers a lot. If you don’t switch clearomizers a lot, a variable wattage may be over kill, as both give you great results. Just get what you are more comfortable with. Thank you for reading, we wish you the best of luck on finding a Variable Wattage Vape Mod or a Variable Voltage Vape Mod that is right for you.

Below are some pictures of different types of Variable Voltage Vape Pen Mods and Variable Wattage Vape Pen Mods.

Variable Wattage Vape Pen Mod

Variable Wattage Vape Pen Mods

Rebuildable Atomizer for Vape Pen Mod

Vape Pen Mod (Variable Wattage)

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Head

Vape Pen Mods (OHMS Meter)

Tankless Water Heater Sacramento

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Tankless Water Heater Sacramento

So lets breakdown the most common questions about tankless water heaters

So what is a tankless water heater? Tankless water heaters are small units that are usually attached to a wall that allow for a steady streem of hot water in your home. Tankless water heaters can provide endless amounts of hot water for whatever you are using in your home including: showers, washing machine, dishwasher, etc. Tankless water heaters are more energy efficient than a regular water heater becuase the use less electricty. Tankless water heaters also heat on demand so you only heat what you are going to use.

How does a Sacramento tankless water heater work? First you should understand how a regular water heater works. A conventional or regular water heater heats water and then saves or stores that hot water. Once you have the water heated in your water heater then you can use that hot water. A tankless water heater heats water on demand only when you want to use that hot water. If you are not using any hot water, then a tankless water heater will go into standy mode.

Can you adjust the water heater temperature? Ofcourse! You can adjust the tankless water heater settings. It depends on what kind of tankless water heater you are using but typically you can adjust the water heater in 2 degree incriments.

Where can I install a Sacramento tankless water heater? You can install a tankless water heater almost anywhere in your Sacramento home. You can install a tankless water heater in a bedroom, bathroom, garage, closets and more. Tankless water heaters are also very nice because they save alot more room in your home than a conventional water heater.

Why should I switch from conventional to a tankless water heater? Tankless water heaters can provide a continuous supply of hot water, while a tank will run out of hot water. Tankless products also have a longer life; lower operating costs, precise delivery temperature, and can be installed in many locations where a storage water heater may not fit.

How much can I expect to save on my monthly bill if I install a tankless water heater? Test results have shown that a tankless gas water heater costs about 40% less to operate than an electric water heater, and about 30% less than a natural gas water heater.

How much more do they cost to purchase? Generally, a tankless water heater will cost about 2 to 2-1/2 times as much as a standard water heater to purchase and install. Keep in mind that in addition to lower operating costs, useable square footage is gained by choosing tankless!

If you have any questions about install a tankless water heater in Sacramento give Preferred Tankless a call today!

Outdoor Kitchens Sacramento, CA

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Outdoor Kitchen Designs in Sacramento

Outdoor Kitchen Designs in Sacramento by CIH are among the top kitchen designs in the Sacramento area! CIH Services many different types and styles of outdoor kitchens. Below you will find some of the recent designs we have completed in the area. We have completed many projects in the sourrounding areas of Sacramento including Roseville, Folsom, El DOrado Hills, Granite Bay, Lincoln, Roklin, Loomis, and beyond!

Outdoor Kitchens Sacramento, CA

Pool Builder Fairfield ca

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Pool Builder Fairfield, ca

Swimming pools have become a key element of home architecture components throughout the years. Custom swimming pools can provide an exotic finish and look to the entire outdoor living area of any Fairfield home. Paradise Pools of Fairfield is the premier swimming pool builder for gorgeous custom swimming pools to add beauty, practicality, and value to your home. The selection of pool designs depend on your requirement and preference of size, aesthetics, and budget. Many homeowners prefer installing an above ground pool to maintain portability and a small size to save space. Above ground pools do however, have a disadvantage. Above ground pools have limitations of shape and size. In order to keep an above ground pool stretched and firm, the above ground pool designs are typically round in shape and have a standard limit when it comes to height.


Sacramento Hemp Fest 2012 - Easy to top Hemp Fest 2011!!

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After going to the Hemp Festival in Sacramento in 2011 I think some changes need to made before I even start thinking about going to Sacramento Hempfest 2012!

The Sacramento Hemp Fest in 2012 is being held in the first week of August as opposed to the third weekend in August for the 2012 Event. This Event last year was put on very last minute and i dont know how I feel about the 2012 hempfest let alone a 2013 / 2014 / 2015 Hemp Fest in Sacramento. I guess we will wait it out and see what happens. Good luck hemp fest Sacramento 2012 lets see what you got!

Open to the public, The Hemp Festival Sacramento will rage an all out three day festival with many exciting features!

With such performing artists as YUKMOUTH - REAL ONE - and more yet to come, Hemp Fest Sacramento 2012 better line up some better artists if they think anything amazing is goingt to come out of it!

Last year in 2011 the event started on Friday from 2pm to 8 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 8 pm. I would assume the times are primarily going to be the same.

Admission to Sacramento Hempfest 2011 was $20 for a one day ticket and $40 for the whole weekend, saving you 20 bucks.

Propane Quincy CA

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Propane Tank Quincy California, Propane Quincy, Gas Quincy, Propane Tank Quincy

Propane in Quincy is a must have. Serving the better part of quincy california there are many companies like coast gas prpane and Suburban propane that will serve you propane no problem.

Ferrell gas and Propane is proud to service the Greater Quincy Area. We have serviced this Quincy, CA area for over 10 years and are locally owned and operated. We offer unsurpassed Quincy, CA customer service for bulk and bottled Quincy, CA ferrell gas propane delivery, repairs and installations. Our retail division concentrates on offering the highest quality Barbeque Grills and accessories in the marketplace.

The big thing you have to realize is that these comapnies do not have your best interest in mind. There is a propane comapny in Quincy california that has the best customer service around and they go by the name of ferrell gas and they service propane. They are your one stop for propane, barbeque grill propane, grill part propane and propane accessory store.

Our Quincy, CA service teams are highly skilled factory trained professionals who repair all types of gas equipment. Quincy, CA Bulk and bottled gas deliveries are dispatched from our state of the art, computerized storage facility.

Our company in Quincy California offers commercial and residential cost effective gas plans. Our full service Quincy, CA installation department handles all of your needs from permit to final hook up in a professional and timely manner.

Propane Quincy

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